Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chris Doan
Worship insights: week 1
Observing worship team practice

Rehearsals and practices are very important when it comes worship. The reason why i think this is that your team must know the notes, music, and songs in order to conduct a worship service for God. Now, don't get me wrong; even if the music is not on key or not every note is played, the Holy Spirit can still move within the hearts of the church. But, as leaders, the worship team must be focused of why they are up there and who their focus is. Practices are just a method to which we use for the worship service to go smoother.At the practice, I learned much from Brian, the worship instructor. Not only does he have to keep track of where his part in the songs are, but also keep track of every other member in band. And this can be very frustrating for some; last night, I didn't see Brian get frustrated. He just went with flow of things and helped everyone play their music right or sing the right note.But, the most important thing that I learned from last night was that after Brian knew what he wanted and where he wanted to go with a song, it was very easy for him to explain that to the worship team.