Friday, December 09, 2005

Chris Doan
worship insights: week 10
sitting in the sound booth

sound and technical terms aren't really my thing. but, i sat in the sound booth this past Sunday to learn more about it. i found out that its not that hard; you just have to know the basics. Tim, the sound guy, taught me the basics, but i only remember a few things that he told me. it was a cool experience, because i saw everything that went on. and no one saw me while i was watching them.

Chris Doan
worship insights: week 9

observing a worship meeting

this week, i got to sit in on a meeting that the pastor and staff had on talking about the worship service for the Christmas Sunday. everything was very down to earth, and everyone was very respectful of everyone's opinion. Brian shared what he wanted to do, and the majority agreed with the idea. they tweeked a few parts, but there was no one bitter about the outcome. actually, everyone was quite excited in what was in store for Christmas Sunday. i got a little excited too, hearing everything that was going to take place

Chris Doan
worship insights: week 8
doing a church bulletin

because Brian had other things to do, he told me that i would be do his portion of the church bulletin this week. of course, he explained to me what needed to be in there and showed me how. but, it wasnt hard at all; the format of the bulletin had already been picked out and set up for me. i just had to type on the bulletin. but, while we were doing our own things in the room, he told me what his view of worship was and why he does worship the way he does it. he not only wants to lead the congregation into the presence of God, but to have a sense of prayer and reference to God. and i think thats cool how he does what he does, and he does it.

Chris Doan
worship insights: week 7

setting up light fixtures

the focus for this week was missions, as the week before was. and what Brian needed to get done was to align the lights in the sanctuary and put different colors on the lights for the mood and atmosphere of the service. i helped out some, but Brian said there is always an importance when setting up the stage for a particular reason. in this case, missions was the way he need the service to go. we had set up flag posts, for the many flags we were putting up to represent all the countries the church had missionaries in. i had not been really exposed to the mission side of this church, and through this experience i was able to see how mission-oriented the church was.

Chris Doan
worship insights: week 6
Doing the powerpoint

clicking a button can be such a huge part in a worship service. i was fortunate enough this week to be able to the powerpoint presentation for the worship service. effortless and easy are a couple of words that i would use to describe this experience. it is one of those things that i dont mind doing at all, because it so simple to do. but for others, it could be one the most difficult things to do. luckily, i have grown up in an atmosphere that i could learn such technology. i am very thankful for it.

Chris Doan
worship insights: week 5
Singing in the choir

one of the things that i am alright at doing is singing. Brian took advantage of the situation, and asked me to sing in the choir, because one member was not going to be able to make it this next sunday. i didnt have a problem with it, so i did. it had been a few years since i've been in a choir before. i had never used my voice so much in a practice setting; Brian works the choir so hard that they might be better. but, the hard work payed off; we sang great in front of the congregation for that sunday. and Brian was pleased with our singing. singing not only takes talent, but it takes discipline and patience as well.

Chris Doan
worship insights: week 4
Typing powerpoint

this week, i typed up the powerpoint for the service to come. it was really easy, because i have used powerpoint in the past. i really didn't gain much from this experience, other than there is always something that can be done. although it may not be preaching or leading worship, doing something as simple as typing a powerpoint presentation is a way that God uses people that others can not be used in. God works through the smallest of jobs, and thinking that He can't is not only limiting Him but is also thinking with a closed mind. everything has a meaning and purpose, even if it may be the smallest thing.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Chris Doan
worship insights: week 3
the "dirty" work in worship

This week, i did some of the things that i thought that was not the job of the worship pastor. I went to Brian's office and asked him what did he have for me this week. He told me to look at that stack of papers in the corner. He gave me dividers, and told me to divide the song sheets in alphabetical order. It didn't seem so hard, so i sat down and got busy. for the next 45 minutes, i ordered his song sheets as he worked on the worship service for the next week. But, during that 45 minutes, Brian told me alot about preparing for a worship service that i never knew had to be done. Some of the things that he has done in preparation before were cleaning off the stage, setting up chairs, mic checks and replacements, and categoring songs. All though the job Brian wasn't hard at all, it made me realized that just because you can sing well doesn't mean that the job's over with. Worship entails alot of preparation and sacrifice.

Chris Doan
Worship insights: week 2
Observing choir practice

This week, i observed the choir as they practice for sunday's service. I did not know how much effort they put into practicing for a couple songs for sunday morning. As i watched Brian and how he lead, critiqued, and demonstrated to the choir how the songs should be sung, i was amazed. One thing that i learned that along the Holy Spirit does show up on sunday morning worship services, he is also there as we prepare for sermons and practice worship songs. Brian recognizes this as he prepares for his worship practices; if he's not ready for practice, then the choir will have no where to go. After attending this practice, i have come to realize that everyone has a part in a service, whether if its on the stage or not.