Thursday, December 08, 2005

Chris Doan
worship insights: week 3
the "dirty" work in worship

This week, i did some of the things that i thought that was not the job of the worship pastor. I went to Brian's office and asked him what did he have for me this week. He told me to look at that stack of papers in the corner. He gave me dividers, and told me to divide the song sheets in alphabetical order. It didn't seem so hard, so i sat down and got busy. for the next 45 minutes, i ordered his song sheets as he worked on the worship service for the next week. But, during that 45 minutes, Brian told me alot about preparing for a worship service that i never knew had to be done. Some of the things that he has done in preparation before were cleaning off the stage, setting up chairs, mic checks and replacements, and categoring songs. All though the job Brian wasn't hard at all, it made me realized that just because you can sing well doesn't mean that the job's over with. Worship entails alot of preparation and sacrifice.


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